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You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake.Jeanette Rankin, (1880-1973) First woman to enter U.S. House of Representative in 1917. Lost her seat in Congress when she voted against entry in WWI.

Our 30th Reunion is almost upon us!

Thirty years ago, we were walking across the Mojave Desert on Powerline Road. This summer, we will gather for friendship and celebration at Scattergood Friends School in West Branch, Iowa. For all the details, please see the GPM Reunion website. Tickets are available now.

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NOTE from Frank Holmgren to GPMers: I maintain and regularly update the GPM E-mail List. Contact me to get on the list and receive updates as they become available. Also, please send any marcher e-mail addresses, or changes in your own e-address, directly to me. I'm at

Marcher in the Home: Please send Jeanine Brannigan submissions for Marcher in the Home.

February 2016 note: It appears that neither of these lists is being updated anymore. Use the Reunion feedback email to update your information with folks maintaining it for now (the Keepers of the Flame committee). GPM30reunion @

About This Site

A Bit O'History

A fellow named EJ had been posting a web site for the GPM. In August 1996, he decided to stop doing this. Thanks to EJ for the idea and efforts he put in for the last year. At the Reunion, I ran into Frank Holmgren, and we discussed getting a new page up and running. Here it is! So, your webber is now me, Roberta Wilson. I'm certainly open to sharing the joys and the load--so let me know about that.

February 2016 note: Roberta is no longr maintaining this page, RIP. It is mostly maintained by Joe Kinczel and Julia Gosztyla Ziobro for now.

Why We're Doing This

You might ask--why bother? Here is my answer: I have sometimes pondered just how we walked across the country in 1986. At the 1996 Reunion, I remembered how we did it. I saw folks there that have an understanding of how the world works AND an undaunting spirit to do the right thing and to act in behalf of peace. Of course we walked! Of course we talked to schools, churches, farmers, and folks on the street! Of course we developed a passionate March community! Perhaps we can do it again--another march for disarmament? (We--the US--still arm the world) Other projects? Maybe just a few of us get together to work on something else that is important? Or maybe we simply share our news and projects with our March brothers and sisters? However it develops, I intend this web site to be a forum for keeping the March spirit alive, help keep people in touch, and perhaps share ideas about what we might do together again.

More Modern Ways to be In Touch

Great Peace Marchers have never stopped connecting, talking, and even respectfully disagreeing. I'm sure that's no surprise! This page has been mostly replaced by our Facebook group and there are also a set of phpBB forums.

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Our Own Darryl Purpose

Great Peace Marcher and Singer/Songwriter Darryl Purpose has been criss-crossing the country for the past 6 years, playing 150 shows per year. His latest CD, "A Crooked Line" has a song dedicated to the March - "I Can Get There From Here". To find where Darryl is appearing next or to get one of his four CDs, visit

Note from Ocean Tree Books

Ocean Tree Books, the publishers of The Great Peace March, Peace Like a River, and two dozen other inspirational, travel and peacemaking books, now has a informative website at, which includes the complete catalog, descriptions of new titles, and a "Monastery in the Home" feature. 

Note from Shundahai Network

Shundahai Network is an international collective of antinuclear activists brought together by Corbin Harney, a Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader. Shundahai is a Western Shoshone word meaning "Peace and Harmony with all Creation." We organize demonistrations and nonviolent direct actions at the Nevada Test Site. Many GPM'ers attend and we would love to see more. Our web page is

Swarthmore Taking More GPM Material

We are very interested in receiving more material about the Great Peace March. We are particularly interested in individual responses like published or unpublished manuscripts. I think we have all the organizational papers (take a look at the checklist for the GPM records that we do have at the Peace Collection So, yes, please put out a call for more materials with the understanding that we already have the flyers, minutes, newsletters, maps, etc. The address for the Peace Collection is: Swarthmore College Peace Collection 500 College Ave. Swarthmore, PA 19081

Tapes Available

For those of you who haven't gotten one (or lent it out to who-knows-who) "Just One Step" (the unexpurgated director's cut, 90 min.) is now available from Cathy Zheutlin for $25 bucks (includes postage and handling). Send checks to Cathy at 3416 NE 30th, Portland OR 97212.

Born Again Hippie's Book

At one point in the GPM website, the question was what is the name of the book by Martin Hippie, aka Born Again Hippie. It's a self-published book, available by writing to Marty, $15 (signed even!), and the name is Spirit Walk. Our address is 1015 E. Schapville Rd., Elizabeth, IL61028. If you can wait for the CO reunion, we'll be bringing copies (he actually had copies at the 10th in Iowa). It would be great to get it into the right hands and get it really published. It's a very readable adventure, Marty does know haw to tell a story.--Freda Weis {Feb 2016 note: I hope he will bring copies to the 30th this summer in Iowa!)

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